Presbyterianism is a system of Christian Protestant church government, expounded during the Reformation by John Calvin, which gives its name to the established Church of Scotland, and is also practised in England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, North America, and elsewhere. There is no compulsory form of worship and each congregation is governed by presbyters or elders (clerical or lay), who are of equal rank.Congregations are grouped in presbyteries.There are forty nine Presbyteries in the Church of Scotland, covering all of Scotland, the Shetland and Orkney Isles, England, Europe and Jerusalem.


Fairlie Parish Church
is in the Presbytery of Ardrossan and is represented there by the Minister and an Elder appointed by the Kirk Session.

Presbytery of Ardrossan
Fairlie Parish Church is one of 28 congregations included in the Presbytery of Ardrossan. The Presbytery is made up of the ministers and representative elders from each of these congregations. There are also "additional" elders chosen by Presbytery to ensure that retired and specialist ministers entitled to membership of Presbytery do not outnumber elders in membership. The current representative elder from Fairlie is Judith Howieson.

Presbytery is the second highest ecclesiastical court of the Church of Scotland. Presbytery's role includes routine administration of the church, approval of the movement of ministers in and out of congregations (including ordination), oversight of the training of new ministers, readers and deacons and the annual election of Commissioners to the General Assembly.
Presbytery also organises five yearly church building surveys, the annual attestation of church records for each congregation,
regular local church reviews and is also a Court of Appeal for Kirk Sessions.

Presbytery generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month within Ardrossan and Saltcoats Kirkgate Parish Church.
There are no meetings in January, July or August (see Presbytery website for exact details of meetings).
Meetings are open to the public to attend (but not vote) and meeting minutes are published on the Presbytery website (www.ardrossanpresbytery.org.uk).

Meetings are chaired by the Moderator who is elected annually (currently Rev Dorothy Granger) and includes a time of worship before the business of the meeting is conducted. Administration is carried out by the Presbytery Clerk (Mrs Jean Hunter) and Clerical Assistant (Mrs Ailsa Morrison).
The current Treasurer is Mrs Christine Thomas.

There are a number of committees within Presbytery and suitable ministers and elders are appointed to serve on these by the Nominations Committee.
Other committees are Vacancy Procedure, Appraisal, Ministries and Superintendence, Mission, Property, Finance and Stewardship and Church and Society.
The Business Committee meets monthly to compile Agenda items for the Presbytery meeting and is made up of the Committee Convenor and Vice Convenor, Minute Secretary, Moderator, Presbytery Clerk, Treasurer and the Convenors of each of the other committees.

The Moderator, Presbytery Clerk, the Deputy Clerk and the Convenor of the Business Committee are
Ex Officiis of all Standing Committes.

Committees cover
Business; Church and Society; Property; Finance; Presbyterial Superintendence; Mission and Discipleship and World Mission.

Business is carried out in an efficient manner and the Moderator and the Clerk keep us under control.

Jean Cameron

You can visit the Presbytery web site at Ardrossan Presbytery