The Organic Growers of Fairlie


The North American Indians understood that we live here for but a moment and our first responsibility is to look after our lands for the future generations, born and yet unborn. This is what we call stewardship. These past generations have lost this focus. We all now need a radical lifestyle change. Fairlie have taken on the challenge ... but what can one wee community do? LOTS! First, sort out our own backyard and then attract others to do the same. We have decided to take the lead for healthy sustainable communities.

We compost our garden waste, put our kitchen waste into our doorstep wormeries, add Rockdust to get the essential trace elements back into the food chain, and use the resultant compost and wormcast to grow-our-own herbs, salads, fruit and vegetables, and they are delicious and nutritious. This waste-to-food process is a key for sustainable food production throughout our global village. To find out more, check out our web site www.organicgrowersfairlie.co.uk.

Our mini allotment, raised bed garden design makes vegetable growing possible for anyone, whatever their ability and fitness. The garden also acts as an outdoor social hub where villagers of all ages meet, mix and have great fun. Our only problem has been not enough beds for everyone who wants one! However, we are a registered charity now and we need your help. Charitable donations of any size would be gratefully received and would enable us to do more to show one very effective way to get our world back in balance with Nature. We demonstrate a sustainable lifestyle, we feel more healthy, chat with friends and enjoy looking after this little bit of God's glorious creation.

The Fairlie Sustainable Community Garden Project

The Fairlie Growers took on a derelict old boatyard site (see Gallery for a Before & After view) in the village to develop a community garden where villagers can learn to grow-their-own herbs, fruit and vegetables organically using intensive, raised bed, horticulture methods.

The Growers aim to process all their own garden and kitchen waste by composting and vermiculture. Basaltic rock dust is added into the process to replace the trace elements which are missing from our soil/food chain. Thus all their carbon waste will be incorporated into the soil (zero carbon footprint).

The resultant mineral enriched wormcast is an exceptionally potent fertiliser producing healthy, high yielding, food crops ... and fresh, healthy food produces healthy families. The Growers also gain all the therapeutic benefits associated with the activity of gardening. It brings together people of all ages from the community.


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