After much thought and heartsearching, it was decided to embark on a project to refurbish the Church premises, involving replacing the old kitchen and toilets with a new extension comprising toilets, kitchen and a meeting room. In addition the Church interior was to be remodelled. The pews and 'Laird's boxes' were to be removed and replaced with chairs. New heating and lighting to be installed. Plans were drawn up.

The congregation was consulted, and it was agreed to go ahead. After some planning problems, permission was obtained to go ahead and work commenced in early April, 2000. The old toilets, kitchen and boiler house was demolished by a band of volunteers, saving a considerable cost. A lot of other work, especially in the Church, was done voluntarily. Not one Sunday service was held outwith the Church, despite the upheaval of removing pews and levelling the floor.

The pictures below will give some idea of the progress of the work, which was completed in August, 2000. As a result the Church building allows more flexibility and a friendlier atmosphere for worship and provides for greater usage throughout the week.


Removing the pewsBefore the carpet was laidThe completed Church.



From April to August, 2000

THE FOUNDATION - The old toilets, kitchen, and the old boiler house were demolished.
The position of the door into the Session House can be seen.

THE EARLY STAGES - This view shows the beginning of the frameworkof the milennium Suite.
The photograph was taken from a position where the old cloak room and Toilets were.
You can see the south facing wall of the west transept.

A VIEW FROM BAY STREET - This is a view of thenew millennium suite before the finishing
touches were applied to the exterior. Part of the old dairy can also be seen.

THE FRAMEWORK - This view shows the framework of the millennium suite, nearing completion.

THE MILLENNIUM MEETING ROOM - This shows the small meeting room in its early stages.
The serving hatch to the large kitchen can be seen.

THE RAMP - The floor of the millennium suite had to be raised so that it would be on the same
level as the Church. In consequence, a ramp, to allow for wheelchairs had to be
provided on the outside of the meeting room emergency exit.