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The music at Fairlie Parish Church contributes an important part
of the worship during our weekly service.
In 2017 we amalgamated the church choir and the church praise
band to create the Praise and Worship Group we have now.

We meet every Sunday at 9am to rehearse the material needed for
the service which starts at 9.45am. We have a range of
instruments including violins, flutes, a clarinet, a guitar
and on occasion, a cello, saxophone and drummer.

The organ is also used during most services.

Singers who like to sing solo are welcome, as are those who
prefer to remain part of the more 'choral' feel.
The music is all led by our Director of Music.

We are of the belief that the church requires a variation of material
in order to accommodate all tastes so we strive to create
this diversity with modernpraise songs and traditional hymns
as well as choral pieces and we use all of these for our
hymns, introits and anthems.

All ages and standards of playing are encouraged to
make themselves known and get involved in the praise
and worship of God as well as having a little fun too