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17th August 2019

A few weeks ago, at church, we were speaking about Jesus sending out His friends to the different villages and towns around where they lived to bring the Good News that Jesus was the fulfilment of the expected Saviour. He told those who were sent out that they were to accept the hospitality that was offered to them, eat what was given to them, heal the sick, and say to the people, 'The Kingdom of God has come near you.' From this we came to understand that each of us has the opportunity to take 'the kingdom of God' to others. But what exactly does this mean?

Well there is a good hymn which speaks of what the kingdom of God is about. It says, the kingdom of God is about justice, joy, mercy and grace. It is where we realise that Jesus restores people who are troubled by past sins and regrets, and where people can find acceptance for who they are. It's a place where the outcast is welcomed and hope flourishes in place of despair; where God's love for us in Jesus is made known. But while it was begun in Jesus, the kingdom of God will only be complete in heaven.

In bringing the kingdom of God to others, the challenge for Christians then is one shared by Christians across the world today. And we should do this by being an open, friendly, and faithful people bringing hope and compassion, in Jesus name, when we meet others or visit them. Jesus came to free people from all that constrains us that we may live lives which are filled with grace and compassion.

It is easy to believe in God when everything in your life is sunshine and flowers. But life can be full of challenges and upset. Life is not always easy.

The work of the church is spiritual, but it is also practical. So, if life becomes hard and you want someone to speak with, someone to share your worries with, or someone to help you out, I would hope that you would feel bold enough to speak to someone from the Church, in confidence: any Christian church, because the challenge is for all Christians to do as Jesus asks….to bring the kingdom of God a little closer through healing and wholeness.

As always, if I can be of any help please just ask.

Yours in Christ.

Yours in Christ.